Duck and Cover

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ISTD Competition - This publication was successful in the ISTD Student Awards 2017 and has been awarded and ISTD.

The brief asked for a piece of typographic work that explores the subject of fads. The subjects of fads could entail looking at the whole concept of a “fad” or selecting one and exploring its history and concept. There are thousands of fads, from past to present, they are constantly being created and slowly vanishing. A fad can be almost anything, from completely ludicrous to extremely important, however because of the nature of a fad they always come to an end. 
My chosen fad was the fallout shelter fad that swept America from the 1950s-60s. This fad was extremely serious, it was born out of the threat of a looming nuclear way, and the American population responded by building make shift fallout shelters. My publication explores this fad and acts as a timeline from birth to death, and is accompanied by a poster depicting the seriousness of the theme. The visual style is inspired both directly from the 60’s time period of the fad and current contemporary design. This is to reflect and contextualise the piece, with the current state of the world is this a fad that could come full circle and return? 
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